Dry and Steam Carpet Cleaners in Fulham SW6

The need for carpet cleaning is an inseparable part of the mission to keep your home nice nad clean. We are proud to be the primary choice for hundreds of clients in the carpet cleaning in Fulham SW6. Tahnks to the many years of experience and profiency of our staff we are well prepared to evaluate your problem and eliminate it in timely and efficient manner.

Our professional in-house training, investment in the latest carpet cleaning technology and effective cleaning solutions, means that our team will be ready for any contingency. We will clean and restore the shine of your household possessions in no time. In just one visit you will be amazed by the immediate improvements that we are able to deliver.

About us

We provide a wide range of cleaning solutions for your furniture or carpets such as curtain and drapery care, upholstery reconditioning, sofa cleaning (leather and suede),jet washing,wall cleaning, and hard floor care.
Carpet Cleaning Services Fulham SW6
We offer conventional carpet cleaning in Fulham SW6 and are able to modify our services according to our clients' needs. For lighly soiled textures we use less water and less concentrated cleaning solutions which allows for the carpet to dry faster. On the other hand, for heavily soiled stains we reach deeper in the fabrics through steam cleaning and instantly remove the problem spot. We are prepared for such extreme situations such as flooding,offering water extraction services or wet an dry vacuum services.
Our carpet cleaning estimates are free and we offer a variety of service options
We will book an appointment according to your preferences in a convinient for you time
Our carpet cleaners have been trained with the latest equipment and most up-to-date cleaning solutions
We go the extra mile to treat difficult stains and we pay extra attention to troubled spots
Our techniques allow for fast drying and optimal deodorant dispersal
You'll never be surprised by hidden charges

Local Info

Fulham is a district of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England. It is an area of London, situated 3.7 miles ( 6.0 km) south west from Charing Cross. It’s located on the north side of the River Thames, between Putney and Chelsea.

During it’s history, Fulham has been through many transformations – the area was once a bishops’ manor in the Middles Ages, then – a noble mansion. In 18th century Fulham wasn’t private property any more and had a reputation of area for gambling and prostitution. It became working class district and remained as such till the first half of 20th century, but was subject to extensive restoration to the 1980s.

Today Fulham is a green London area and became one of the most expensive districts in London, therefore in the UK. Its close location to many famously extravagant areas such Kensington and Chelsea reflected on local house prices. Nowadays it’s in the list of London prime areas.

There are few football clubs in between Fulham and Chelsea – the Premier League clubs Fulham and Chelsea and the former Lillie Bridge Grounds. The district has also several parks and open spaces like Fulham Palace gardens and Bishop’s Park. In Fulham you can also find many classy restaurants, antique shops, galleries, interior shops and coffee bars.

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Carpet Cleaning Fulham has been providing exceptional carpet cleaning in London for more than 10 years. We are an expert cleaning team, offering same day service, and working 7 days a week. Fulham Carpet Cleaning Prices, customer service and support are simply the best. Use our online booking form or call our friendly staff now to book your carpet cleaning appointment today.